Mother’s pride and development initiatives provides free skill acquisition training and empowerment for women and youths , that have already been identified as at-risk, of being vulnerable and hopeless.

These persons are paired to work with a caring mentor to improve their ability to develop a positive attitude towards their future.

The long-term goal of mother’s pride and development initiatives is to empower the victims to break the habits that are leading to poverty; by this we believe we can eradicate poverty.

Our strategic Actions for achieving our goal of eradicating poverty: solutions

  • We launched series of empowerment activities that will successfully support women and youths.
  • We provide an effective training program for skills acquisition and capacity building that will increase their ability to be successful in life.
  • We provide an effective monitoring system to protect both the youth and women.
  • We established a savings and loan system to encourage women to save and have stress less access to loan without collateral.
  • We provide a learning platform for adult literacy, business and finance management, family planning, and crisis management.
  • We provide a free access to counseling.
  • We provide food items, clothing, assist in facilitating scholarship and school fees support for the widows and low-income women children.
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