The Mothers Pride and development initiative on a resourceful waste recycling training with Mrs Taiwo Olatundun of Industrial development centre, Ikorodu,Lagos state. It was a great success.

About 25 Members from different units of the NGO participated, This exposure was targeted to empower the women and the widows economically. Reason for white men exporting all our waste should have give us a curiosity of what treasures lies in all our pure-water satchets, pet bottles and nylon wraps that are all basic raw materials to produce our waste disposal nylon bags, also can be used to make apron, shower cap and many others.

Mothers pride urges Nigerian Government to encourage this project to really harness eradication of poverty among our women. We believe in empowering the women and widows as empowering the nation.


The participants at the training showed enthusiastic in starting with the gathering of nylon as the starting point and later improve to the grinding and later into production as final users of these raw materials that were commonise.

They expressed gratitude to Mrs Taiwo Olatundun
Maltida for given them this great opportunity and showed appreciation to the founder/coordinator( Mrs Titilayo Adelaja) and. Management team of Mother Pride.