Report on the Empowerment/Distribution of items

Report on the Empowerment/Distribution of items, Organized by Mothers Pride & Development Initiative, Ogun State, Nigeria. on 8th December 2017 at the Mowe Market town Hall Mowe Ogun State.

The programme started at 10am with an opening prayer session led by Mrs kehinde Janet, followed by national Anthem.

A welcome address was given by Mrs Titilayo  Adelaja as she welcomed all and sundry to the event,  She gave a brief history of the organization, challenge and what they expected in the next year


She stated that the organization has recorded over 250 participants and has empowered women and widows in the area of skill acquisition, computer training, bead making, make-up, catering etc.

Other special guest that graze the occasion are delegate from the Ogun State government, such as the President for Ogun State Women Council in the person of Alhaja Aliyu, Alhaja Balogun , Mrs Omolokun. Others were Mrs Matilda Olatundun the guest Speaker for the event and Barr (Mrs) Maureen Opara. Other attendees include Otunba Dire Adeoye of City Magazine and Mr Olamilekan Daramola of Orisun Television and Mr Tope Alabi.

The First Speaker, Mrs Matilda Olatundun a businesswoman, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. She talks about how women can achieve so much in the recycling business.

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The era of over dependence on men is long gone and now women must rise up and be bold to face whatever challenges that come their way.  She called on women to be more productive as there are many avenues from which one can tap resources from, She gave an instance of wealth generated from waste recycling which is the business she is into and has expressed her desire to train women of the organization in the recycling business in order to have them empowered and to contribute her own quota to the development of MPDI women. There was room for questions to ask which were answered in all, and she advise all beneficiary of revolving loan without interest to be faithful with the repayment, so it can go round.


The Second Speaker, Barr. (Mrs)Maureen Opara, an erudite lawyer from the chambers of Ubberima Fidae Solicitors Lagos State, she spoke on gender equality and domestic violence on women.

Mothers Pride and Development Initiative has initiated another arm to see to those that have related issues for advice and counseling.

Mrs Olawope an attendee of the event gave instance of how she rose from her challenges of not been educated to now been an educated person as she was very zealous and determined to get education by all means. She encouraged women to brace up in all their circumstances and to believe in themselves. There is no need of losing hope after all. She said that the death of one’s spouse should not make one resort to prostitution or other social vices just to make ends meet.

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There were talks given by Alhaja Balogun and Alhaja Aliyu of the Ogun State Women Council which stressed on the need for women to be focused notwithstanding any challenges they may be faced with at any time

The Founder of Mothers’ Pride thanks all for their support and promised to achieve greater things in the years to come. She promised to work hand in hand with the Coordinators in various units within and outside Ogun State, so that all issues can be adequately handled and resolved where necessary.

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Cheques of loan without interest were given to three women, presented to the Beneficiaries by one the invited guest.


In other to have a continuous cash flow in MPDI, the initiative lunches other new product (Mothers pride liquid soap, toilet wash, germicide, insecticide ).


A total of 195 persons were in attendance made up largely of the womenfolk. The women came from all walks of life and even within and outside Ogun State.

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The event came to an end by 2.30 pm with the closing prayer led by Alhaja Balogun .

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Mother pride development initiative is a registered  NGO,  with the aim of helping the less privilege in the society. Our priority is to make a difference and be a crusader of GIVING LIFE A MEANING through counseling, vocational skill acquisition, and empowerment .


In the past years we have trained more than 100 youths, empowered more than fifty less Privileged women including widows with either or both, startup capital, grinding machines and goods.


a visit to the resident of one of our members

We introduced cooperative society to them with the aim of helping them to have a savings habit and to provide easy access to loan.

In a survey we carried out on  “overcoming business challenges ” 92% of the widows  attested that, access to finance is their major setback, in the light of this MPDI, decided to introduce a LOAN FREE INTEREST SCHEME with the aim of encouraging destitute women mostly widows to expand their existing businesses.

The loan interest free scheme will provide a platform for a free business oriented training with emphasis on financial management, with the aim of ensuring that our beneficiaries have adequate knowledge on business and finance management, to ensure positive returns of collected loans and a sustainable cash flow.


We have been able to increase the interest of our women in savings and I am very proud to say that almost 100% of our women have positive savings habit. With this progress we are certain that we would cross more bridges towards achieving our mandate of reducing poverty mostly among women.


a widow, receiving the free interest loan for business support

If individuals, government, institutions and organizations participate in supporting us with this initiative, we would be able to put massive smile on the faces our women who are victims of circumstances.


We employ you to become a stakeholder, in this crusade MAKE OUR WIDOWS SMILE; you will not only help a woman!  A widow !  But you will be helping a generation of women who will become change agents because of your acts of generosity! Remember if you help a woman you have helped a generation!

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Overcoming business challenges as a woman/ widow

In rural communities women especially widows are treated with little or no respect if they are unable to meet responsibilities imposed on them. This responsibilities often emerge from their in laws, family members, community leaders and members of the society, because much is expected of them . As a result of this they are mostly concerned about starting up a trade or doing menial jobs if they do not have access to a farm land.

Sometimes circumstances force women to give their children up for abduction,house-help, apprenticeship,  hoping they would have access to educational aide, and basic needs.

Many parents marry off their girls to escape catering for her needs and meeting responsibilities.

Male children often go into farming, and sometimes hawking to meet ends need.

This scenario has not been favorable for so many families and children as they are often victims of domestic violence, abuse, poor nutrition,  disparity in education, sexual harassment to mention a few.

When it comes to women efforts in running or starting their various businesses all conditions are likely to become rigid and frustrating as they sometimes allow themselves to be overwhelmed by their problems and emotions.

This in turn can have a negative impact on their business,  affect their customer base, and goods turn over.

It is of paramount importance for women to be trained and taught emotional intelligence ,business management and finance, it often becomes an unbearable challenge if they are unable to carry out business activities successfully.

The knowledge of this can help women to manage crisis resulting from gender differences, making integrity based decisions regarding their female children and becoming the change they want to see in their community.

In the light of this, their is a need to empower women and support them at all times, to accomplish this mission MPDI,

The initiative had decided to focus more on women empowerment in 2016 by creating an environment for SME “small medium enterprising” that will empower and train women, more on how to manage their businesses, and will also support women that needs a start-up capital for business, through the co-operative society.


on the topic “Overcoming Business Challenges” spoke majorly on conditions leading to collapse in businesses. Some of the issues mentioned are:IMG_20160409_155258.jpg

The guest speaker of the day, Mrs, Stephany Nwanmah

The manner of approach to customers: she said complementing your customer and wearing a cheerful look when approaching a customer can make him/her purchase your goods even when he/she does not have need nor interested in buying.

Sipasi Olalekan an agricultural consultant was invited to enlighten them more on neighbourhood agriculture and how necessary it is for women to engage in it.In order to support feeding in the family.IMG_20160409_142132.jpg

The cooperative society meeting was also introduced as a means of financial empowerment.


women with the potential to influence others were selected to be trained on how they can empower themselves and others

Food items were also distributed as the meeting came to a close.


During our 5th meeting /follow up on agricultural neighbourhood farming , we got testimonies from the women who had put the agricultural teaching into practice confesses they were able to feed and  meet some of their financial obligations.

Medical volunteered team also came to speak on health matters and also assisted to check there health status while drugs were prescribed accordingly.

Six (6) women were empowered according to their area of business, four women were supported with drinks and noodles to support their petty trading, one woman was supported with 60 liters of kerosene to start up again her collapsed business and one woman was supported with cash to revive her yam selling business.

Mrs. Rabiu Latifat, a widow from Mowe community, Mrs. Modinat Olabisi, a widow from Mowe community, Enilolobo Folashade, a widow from Pakuro community, Mrs. Adebayo Janet a widow from Ibafo community.gift1.jpg

Mrs. Iyabo Adisa not a widow but single parent from Ibafo received 60 Litters of Kerosene product to revive her collapsed Kerosene business. And Mrs Adedeji Yemisi also a widow from Ibafo received a monetary support to finance her yam business.IMG_20151211_153037

All these presentations were done by the guest speaker Mrs Stephany , Nwanmah who also admonished each of the beneficiaries to make judicious use of every item presented to them, so it can better their lots and then advised MPDI director to set up a monitoring team towards ensuring that every beneficiary make use of the items given to them for the purpose of which they were given and how it is helping to improve their financial status.


Other women/widows in attendance also received gift/food items.



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