To eradicate extreme poverty, among rural challenged women and youth.


Seeking the peace of the stomach is seeking for the peace of the nation.

Our Goal

  1. We want to expand the perspective of vulnerable young people and widows to make them aware of life's possibilities.
  2. We want to promote self-reliant, capacity building, and reassert a sense of.....

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Mother’s pride and development initiatives is a registered not for profit non-governmental organization, we provide counselling, adult literacy, vocational skill training and empowerment for youth, women and widows. 

Mother’s pride and development’s goal is to foster a commitment to youth, widows and women that will promote self-reliant, capacity building , and reassert a sense of hope in the future, only through counselling, literacy,   empowerment and provision of marketable skills acquisition scheme.

Our Believe

We believe that access; to skill acquisition, loan without collateral with little or no interest, counseling and capacity building will create an invaluable resource to reducing poverty.


  • Sense of security & posture –  Physical & health education
  • Mastery and future –  Intellectual ability
  • Sense of belonging –  Employability
  • Acting, responsibility & autonomy –  Civic education & social involvement
  • Self-esteem, worth & performance –  Mental health

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Mother’s pride and development initiatives provides free skill acquisition training and empowerment for women and youths , that have already been identified as at-risk, of being vulnerable and hopeless.

These persons are paired to work with a caring mentor to improve their ability to develop a positive attitude towards their future.

The long-term goal of mother’s pride and development initiatives is to empower the victims to break the habits that are leading to poverty; by this we believe we can eradicate poverty.

Our strategic Actions for achieving our goal of eradicating poverty: Read more


We are an organization of individuals who believe extraordinary outcomes are the result of uncommon and inquisitive thinking and open collaboration.


We are passionate about helping less privilege and extending love to widows and challenged women. This prompted us in creating an inclusive and  caring environment.


We are driven by honesty; we inspire confidence in colleagues, members of our community and partners by always acting with honesty. Our work ethic seeks excellence as the goal and believes that disciplined repeated effort, with input from all sides, will yield the best results.


We our constantly driven by passion towards eradicating poverty, this poises itself limitless possibilities. We strive to imagine, innovate, and create solutions that transform possibilities into realities.