Support our Women, Support Mother’s Pride

We noticed that the maltreatment of widows is very common in our society today,they are subjected to physical and emotional abuses. Majority suffer from financial challenges when their husbands pass onto glory. These is because they were either full time house wives with no job or business, or their in-laws possessing the property left for them or the late husband leaving nothing for them…some could be lack of education

With all these challenges, the women leave their children to find food /money ,etc…These children are exposed to a harsh life on the street,early marriage for the girl child,rape,stealing, etc.

MPD Initiative saw these and realized that if the women especially the widows and the less privileged are empowered and educated then the WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE.

Mother’s pride and development initiative was founded in Dec 2012, initially focused on youths vocational training and started reaching out to widows in march 2015 till date, putting smiles and changing the lives of the less privileged through empowerment, motivational speech, education, giving food stuffs and other helpfull materials.. Over five hundred (500) women has benefited from her program.

Mother’s pride and development initiative (MPDI) will continue with its noble course on her loan without interest to assist the women of circumstances, especially the widows in the rural communities.
This particular project was launched in December 2016 and the project has benefited more than ten(10) women,amongst over 203 who are duly registered as member.
As its a revolving thing, and the widows kept coming, We wish our supporter more grace.

Please contact us for your support,
No matter how little it will go a long way…Almighty God will reward you bountifully.

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