surviving widowhood life

Women still face lots of social issues and problems all through their life which are big struggle for them right from birth.

Women are considered as burden for their parents, husband’s family and society when transitioning from being a wife to a widow.

People think that widows are here only to consume money their whole life , forgetting how most men frowned to women being entrepreneurs.

Aside that some women still face the tribulations of rituals while transitioning , it is believed in some communities that widows must go through a sacrifice of sanctification to prove them innocent.

This sometimes leave them with some psychological deficit which affects their whole being.

Some women would go into begging as a means of survival.

Not withstanding , MPDI believe that widows can still live a happy and sustainable life if only they are counsel,  empowered and given opportunities to learn skills , and taught business and financial management as a way of educating them towards literacy and self empowerment.

Also if they are given the necessary support to start and grow their businesses life will be a whole lot easier for widows.

Men should be encouraged to allow their wives to run a small business or learn a skill even if they do not want her working for someone else.

Women should save for rainy days as well , as we prepare for Christmas should be the same way we prepare for the unknown.

Another common problem for widows is  discrimination, which they face from their  husbands family, neighbors, friends, also illiteracy, lack of proper education on business management, poor ability in crisis management,  sudden responsibility for catering for their households , rape, sexual harassment , social exclusion,  trauma, are some of the  big issues for widows in most communities.

However, a lot of positive changes has occurred in the widows status in Mowe and it’s environs  as a number of Widows are being empowered and counsel through MOTHER’S PRIDE AND DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE .

Also a co-operative is being introduced to the members of the society with the aim of encouraging a saving habit which can rescue them in the rainy season.

The initiative decided to focus more on women empowerment in 2016 by creating an environment for SME “small medium enterprising” that will empower and train women, more on how to manage their businesses, and will also support women that needs a startup capital for business, through the co-operative society.

There were two donation of grinding machines, presented to the widows for free. Mrs. Kafayat Ajadi and Mrs. Adebowale Bolanle both widows were the beneficiaries of grinding machines at random while other gift/food items were distributed to all the  widows in attendance.

Mrs. Adebowale Bolanle is a native of Odogbolu LGA in ogun state, lives in mowe. She is 42 years, lost her husband in  2013 and has since then lives as a widow. She is a petty trader and takes care of three children between age 7 and 15. According to her, it has not been easy but gave glory to God for sustaining her. She won a grinding machine as a result of a raffle draw on the occasion. She expressed her appreciation to the management of the organization and also spoke on how the machine will be of help in providing financial assistance in training her young children.gift1.jpg

Mrs. Kafayat Ajadi is a native of Ede North LGA in Osun State but lives at

Anuoluwapo Street, Papa, Ibafo, Ogun State. She is 32 years, lost her husband in 2014. She works as a cleaner in a local bakery, has four children between age 3 and 12. According to her, life became so tough after the death of her husband without any support from relation or community where she lives. She struggled to feed the children. There was evidence on her face as she shed tears narrating her story. She was very happy when she won the raffle draw of a grinding machine; she expressed her appreciation to the management of the organization.20151211-0044

MOTHER’S PRIDE AND DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE  will appreciate any partnership ,volunteer sponsorship and donation to help promote a sustainable future for widows through skills acquisition , empowerment  and support .20151211-0078.jpeg

This empowerment program was  held On Friday, 11th December, 2015.


Mrs. Adelaja Titilayo the visionary of this initiative spoke about her passion for the initiative and the cost implications.

This NGO needs to carter for more widows and the less privileged in our communities,  please infer us to any philanthropist,organization,or institution, to enable us do more for rural communities.

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